Meet Tori:

Hello, darling! I am so excited you are interested in a custom Mist® tan! Whether it be for a wedding, bridal shower, social event, honeymoon, anniversary, vacation or "just because," I hope to help enhance your natural beauty with a radiant bronze glow!

Mist® Boutique was founded while I was working as a sales and marketing guru for Uber Technologies. After assisting in launching the new UberEATS food delivery app in four cities across the Southeast, I recognized the explosion & popularity of on demand services. I thought to myself, "What if people could receive a luxury beauty experience without ever leaving their house; right in the comfort of their own home?  Who likes "getting caught in the rain" after a spray tan, OR sweating your tan off in traffic on the way home, OR feeling rushed to put your clothes back on before the solution has had time to dry?! Thus Mist® Boutique was born! 

I decided to take my entrepreneurial skills to the beauty world! I guess you could say I am a beauty school dropout; about to DROP-IN to your living room to give you a one-of-a-kind airbrush tan, (wink). I have a passion for making my customers feel comfortable, valued, and appreciated and I can promise you that your tanning experience will be one of utmost professionalism. 

Interested in learning more? Click here to schedule a FREE Color Consultation so I can mix and match the PERFECT color for your skin tone. 

Side note: When I think of airbrush I immediately think of those airbrush t-shirts from middle school spring break after a trip to Destin, FL (I promise your tan will not look as tacky as those t-shirts!) I remember classmates wearing their airbrush T's to let everyone know they just got back from Destin or Panama City. But NOW, you can show off your airbrush tan to your honey, crush, or colleague as if you've just returned from the beach with your toes in the sand, without all the harmful UV exposure OR a baggy airbrush T. YES, PLEASE!